Listener. Unafraid contrarian. Wanderlust-filled bourbon drinker. Never short on puns.

My goal is to never slow down and my background in journalism has luckily (and thankfully) guided me into a position translating communication needs into digital projects.

What I do:

  • Build and share the story of CPG clients, leading to increased time spent on site, deeper engagement and the delivery of more than 1 million digital coupons as a result of a site re-launch.
  • Enhance CPG clients’ intranet, analyzing user behavior via analytics and focus groups to best organize and share internal communications.
  • Bring attention to the white, gray and black market of software vulnerability for technology clients, capturing the attention of both security researchers and media.
  • Develop and deliver materials to ensure Moonshots reach their target. Attracting more than 70K views of live coverage during the announcement and aiding in placement of key media targets.
  • Unify global and regional feedback, from associates to CEO, enabling the rollout of a redesigned and subsequent regional versions.


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