Project lead for redesign of corporate website, leading to an increase in new users and decrease in bounce rate.

In redesigning the corporate website, a tight six-month window was established to complete a full redesign including a thorough review of user experience and information architecture, design, CMS selection, development and content migration to launch shortly after the start of the new fiscal year.

As the redesign process touched all aspects of HF’s business, a series of interviews with stakeholders was necessary to capture the needs and ease any concerns about updating a site that had grown familiar and comfortable. The need was great to better serve the core audiences: Consumers, Prospective Employees, Investors and Members of the Media.

Research touched every facet of the redesign, guiding our approach and informing our process while taking into account user’s needs, stakeholder concerns and the competitive landscape within the CPG industry and best-of-class examples.

Qualitative research in the form of surveys and in-person meetings with all HF stakeholders revealed issues with the current site those teams were facing, as well as a laundry list of approaches considered to correct those problems.

Making content easier to find led to a more streamlined navigation and a thorough review of nearly 3,500 pages of content including many pieces of child and orphan content. Consolidating the content into an improved site map continues to encourage a straightforward flow for visitors, leading to increased page views.


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